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It’s no secret that judges set high bails. This isn’t necessarily intended to be a punishment. Bail systems are designed to allow defendants freedom until their cases are closed. The high price of bail is meant to guarantee that defendants appear at trial and all preceding court hearings. However, when someone you know has been arrested for a crime, you may not have immediate access to the full cash amount of the bail. When you need surety bonds in Raleigh, NC, call us for the fastest service around. Surety bail bonds refer to the fraction of the bail you pay to us before we post the remainder of the bail with the jail. Often, our clients find this to be the quickest, most convenient way to free their friend or loved one following an arrest.

At NC State Bail Bonds, we provide you with immediate attention. We know you’re impatient to have the person you care about released. With over 30 years’ experience as bail bondsmen, we know how to deliver the best service. We are committed to providing you with prompt, professional service so your friend or relative can get out of jail fast. Our surety bail bondsman is the smart choice for the quick results you need.

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Surety Bail Bonds: The Affordable Way to Post Bail

In the context of the criminal justice system, surety bonds refer to bonds that are backed by us, your bondsman. After you pay us a non-refundable premium on the bond, around 10% of the bail amount, we issue the total amount of bail to free the defendant.

This agreement then puts us in a three-way arrangement: the defendant, also called the principal in the bond relationship, must abide by the hearing schedule dictated by the court, otherwise known as the obligee of the bond, after bail has been posted by us, the bond’s so-called surety. If the defendant fails to show up at court, a bounty hunter assumes the role of the bond’s surety.

Surety bonds are common because they allow individuals who otherwise cannot afford bail to go free. We’re the people who can provide them for you the fastest.

We Are Your Convenient Surety Bail Bondsman

We make the bail-posting process as easy as we can for you. Available 24/7, our bondsmen are always ready to provide you with the fast service you need. Don’t take a gamble on another bail bond company—our knowledge and experience make us stand out from the rest. Call us if you want the fastest release from jail.

Contact us when someone you know needs a surety bond. We serve our clients in Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina. 
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