Non-Arrest Bonds in Raleigh, NC

There are certain occasions when it is appropriate to post a bond prior to being arrested. If you have an active warrant for your arrest due to missing a court date, you are likely experiencing the stress of knowing that at any time, the police may come interrupt whatever you’re doing and put you through the protracted arrest, booking, first appearance, and bail process that can last for upwards of about 16 hours. Don’t put yourself through this stress or this waste of your time. Call us for non-arrest bonds in Raleigh, NC.

Unlike regular bonds, non-arrest bail bonds are a proactive measure you can take to have your outstanding warrants lifted. NC State Bail Bonds is the bail bond company you need to trust for non-arrest bonds to cancel your warrants and initiate the re-scheduling process for your next court date. Often, individuals are unaware that the court has even issued a warrant for their arrest. We are happy to check the court’s data to let you know if you have any active warrants. You don’t have to live with the stress that the police are after you. We can help give you peace of mind with our no-arrest bond.

Non-Arrest Bail Bonds: Keeping You out of Jail

If your criminal trial is pending, then the hours or days you spent in jail following your arrest was enough time wasted behind bars. People miss court days for many reasons: illness, injury, unexpected family emergencies, or not remembering the date correctly. If this has happened to you, don’t risk another trip to jail. We offer the non-arrest bonds you need to lift that warrant and keep the police from tracking you down. You are experiencing enough stress already: lingering questions about what the jury will decide, how much time you will be away from your family and job if convicted, and whether or not you will even have a job anymore if you get convicted, all preoccupy your thoughts. Our non-arrest bondsman can at least take away the anxiety of facing another pending arrest.
Signing Paperwork in Raleigh, NC

We’re Always Here When You Need a No-Arrest Bond

Our bondsmen are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of your no-arrest bail bond. If you suspect that there is a warrant for your arrest, don’t delay—call us immediately so we can prevent the police from taking you back to jail. We’re the first call you need to make to keep you out of the last place you want to be.

Contact us if you need to procure a non-arrest bond. We serve our clients in Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina. 

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