Felony Bail Bonds in Raleigh, NC

When you need felony bail bonds in Raleigh, NC, we are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with immediate service. When the judge sets bail for felony offenses, the cost is typically higher due to the severity of these crimes. In these cases, many people are unable to pay the steep price of bail directly to the court. When you find yourself in this stressful situation, come to us for affordable felony bonds. We know that when the jail is holding someone you care about on a bail that exceeds hundreds of thousands of dollars, you likely aren’t in a position to pay that price out of pocket. Let us help you with a bond that will cost you a fraction of that amount; we’ll post the bail and get your friend or relative released quickly.

Remember, when you bond someone out of jail, that’s the same as giving the bondsman your guarantee that they’ll show up for court. Otherwise, you become responsible for either getting them to court at a rescheduled time or liable for the balance of the bond. If you’re ready to vouch for someone and get them out of jail, our felony bondsman is the right choice for prompt release.

Providing You with Fast, Affordable Felony Bonds

Felonies are the classification under which our most severe crimes fall. Homicide, possession of illicit narcotics, and tax fraud are all examples of this broad group of crimes. Due to the seriousness of these offenses, judges deal harshly with offenders. Bail on felonies is often astronomically high. That’s why in most cases, a bail bondsman is your only viable choice for getting someone out of jail. If someone you know has been arrested on felony charges, call NC State Bail Bonds for the instant response you need. We guarantee a fast, no-nonsense approach to posting bail and getting the person you care about back on the street as quickly as possible.

Your Experienced Felony Bondsman

Our bondsman has over 30 years’ experience with the bail-posting process. We know how to react immediately and save you valuable time when you need to get someone out of jail. Our affordable felony bonds are the practical way to release the person you care about from police custody. Time behind bars is frightening and stressful, so we understand that you are eager to get your loved one released as soon as possible. If someone you know has been charged with a felony, there is a long, frustrating journey ahead in the courtroom. Trust us to ease the start of this lengthy process by getting your friend or relative out on bail right away.

Contact us if you need to post bail for a felony arrest. We serve our clients in Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina. 

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