Federal Bail Bonds in Raleigh, NC

Posting bail for individuals arrested on federal charges poses a unique set of challenges. Due to the severe nature of federal charges, the bail process goes differently than it does in state charges. While the judge still decides whether or not to permit bail and what amount it should be, the higher stakes of federal court generally mean that bail is significantly higher. When someone you know has been charged in federal court, call us for federal bail bonds in Raleigh, NC. Our experienced bondsman knows how to work through the federal bail process quickly and efficiently so the person you’re bailing out doesn’t have to waste extra time behind bars.

NC State Bail Bonds has provided bail bonds of all varieties for over 10 years. We have the time-saving knowledge that will get the person you care about back to their loved ones as soon as possible. This knowledge and experience is especially relevant to federal charges. Federal bail follows a different procedure than state bail. That’s why you need our federal bail bondsman who knows how to get through this tricky process without delay. Due to the additional complexities and risks associated with federal cases, bonds are generally issued at closer to a 15% premium than the 10% on state bail. Since federal bail often runs in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars, the defendant generally needs to put up collateral worth upwards of 15% of the bail in order to secure the bond.

Providing the Federal Bail You Need

Once the bail is posted, the federal judge will hold what is called a Nebbia hearing to determine whether or not they feel that the money or property that covers the bail amount comes from legitimate, legal sources. If the court suspects that the assets put forth to pay the bail were gained from illegal activities, bail will be denied. We know what it takes to help convince the judge or magistrate that the offered financing comes from acceptably legal sources.

The Experienced Federal Bail Bondsman for You

If you place your trust in an inexperienced bondsman who hasn’t worked with the federal court system before, you will likely encounter lengthy delays. The additional obstacles and higher costs of federal bail mean that you need the experience and knowledge that our bondsmen bring to the bail posting process. We work with you to make sure you understand this process and how the financing works. When someone you know can’t afford to stay in jail but also can’t afford the steep federal bail, we’re the company to call for fast, reliable service.

Contact us when someone you know needs federal bail. We serve our clients in Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina. 
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