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Hope is not lost just because the jury returned a guilty verdict. In the United States, defendants may appeal to reverse the court’s decision if they feel their case has been mishandled. If your loved one has been sentenced to prison and you have filed a motion to appeal, call us to secure their freedom. An appeal bond, or a supersedeas bond, is a special kind of surety bond that allows prisoners to go free for the duration of their appeals process.

NC State Bail Bonds is the company you need to move quickly and efficiently to have the person you care about released. When you need appeal bonds in Raleigh, NC, we are the experienced company you need for the fastest results. We have over 30 years of experience providing quick-response bail bonds, so we have what it takes to produce the immediate results you want. If someone you know is undergoing an appeal process, don’t trust just anyone with an appeal bond—go with the bondsmen who get it done faster.

24/7 Appeal Bond Service

We are committed to providing you with the most convenient service available. Whatever time of the day or night you need to post bail for someone, we’re here when you need us. Trust our knowledgeable bondsman to explain how the bail process works and answer any questions you may have about this particular kind of bail.

Appeal bail bonds are available in cases where final judgment is delayed until the court can review the handling of the case. When lawyers file for an appeal, the judge decides whether or not the motion has merit or is just a delay tactic. Once the judge approves, bail is set. Bail during the appeals process is often set to match the original bail amount.
Attorneys & a Judge in a Meeting in Raleigh, NC

Providing You with Affordable Appeal Bail Bonds

The judicial process is notoriously lengthy and frustrating. Don’t let someone you care about waste away in a jail cell while the slow gears of justice gradually turn. The overturning of verdicts is not uncommon, and the person you care about shouldn’t have to suffer before the court imposes a final judgment.

Our rapid response time to your bail requests guarantees that we can get your acquaintance out jail faster than the competition can. Waiting for the courts to come to a decision can be an agonizing time, as anxious defendants have little choice but to wait to learn their fates. When you call us, though, you can be sure that we’ll work as fast as we can to reunite you with the person you care about, so they don’t have to wait in confinement.

Contact us if you need an appeal bond. We serve our clients in Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina. 

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